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FLOR ETERNA SISA HUIÑAI S.A. is a company currently dedicated to the production and export of high quality flowers using effective processes that respect human beings and nature. We are committed to achieve unique results and thus exceed our customers´s expectations. We want to fill the world with flowers and for that reason we have a trained team focused on the goals of the company, to make the world a: NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL place.


Our vision is to be an Ecuadorian company that grows with respect, honesty, safety and versatility to project us into the future as the best company of quality summer flowers, meeting the needs of our customers, while taking care of social and environmental well-being.

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Eternal Flower was created in 1999, under the support of Flor Eterna Sisa Huiñai S.A., since then the company has been dedicated to the production and export of  high quality summer flowers. Since the beginning the company always looked for competitive varieties of flowers highly demanded in the international market. Currently our flowers are exported to 24 countries around the world.

It is characteristic of Eternal Flower to provide our customers a quality service, maintaining continual production during the 12 months of the year. Additionally we can offer our customers additional flower crops for the holidays such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Religious holidays, etc.

Eternal Flower, takes special care of their workers, providing them an atmosphere of safety, socially responsible work, and insurance within the company. In addition to this; we are proud to have implemented a system of bio-soil disinfection in an effort to be friendly with the environment and responsible with the health of our employees. Thus in Eternal Flower our soils are free of agrochemicals.

We give special attention to the care and handling of our flowers. Each stem is treated and processed with high standards of quality control, which ensure customers to receive a fresh, healthy and top quality flower.

Eternal Flower is always dedicated to researching new and better methods of cultivation and flower varieties to meet in the best way possible the expectations of our customers, thus: to remain the best summer flower production farm of Ecuador.